Travel Day to Fiji

We’re off! It’s a great way to celebrate Deanna’s birthday with our month long trip to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. We decided to break up the long flight a bit by stopping in Fiji. It’s only 11.5 hours from L.A. Instead of 13 or so to Australia.

Our friend RIck drove us to the airport, which from our place in the country is no small ask. He and Marsha are great friends and neighbours. I’ve known Rick for over 25 years having worked together a couple of time over the years. They’re Saskatoon berry farmers and sell their tasty pies, jams, jellies and all other sorts of things. They’re super busy in the summer with farmers markets, tending the orchard and operating the U-Pick. Check them out at the Bearspaw Market, Cochrane farmers market and the Canmore market. They also sell their products through a couple of retail outlets. Have a look on their website for more details.

The first leg of our trip is to LAX with a four hour layover before the trip to Nadi International Airport on one of the main islands in Fiji. The airport code for Nadi is NAN which I suspect causes some interesting JavaScript bugs :)

We had some surprisingly good pizza for dinner at 800 degreeswhich is in the food court in the International Terminal. Wood fired oven, fresh made dough, decent toppings. Not a bad way to start the trip. We do need to find something sweet to stand in for Deanna’s usual carrot cake that she likes for her birthday. Not sure what we’ll find, but hunting for dessert isn’t a bad way to kill a couple of hours while we wait for our flight.

UPDATE: We found cupcakes. 🍰