We decided to take a vacation from our vacation today. I know, how decadent. The morning dawned with a spectacular sun-rise, one of many on our vacation so far. The weather gods have been smiling on us so far this trip as it’s been perfect for the past three weeks.

I headed out for some croissant and pain-au-chocolat for breakfast. There are no words. Yummerific maybe or Sumptaculious. Not sure. Anyway, they were fantasic. It’s nice to be able to speak a bit of french and getting breakfast without needing to a) point or b) revert to English is a nice feeling. While I was picking up breakfast, a fellow in a motor scooter stopped by the bakery and loaded up on fresh baguettes. Doing a delivery run to the local restaurants I would wager.

After breakfast on our balcony, I opted to do a bit of laundry at one of the two “lavarie” in town. We’ve been doing the wash in the sink and hang to dry thing as we go, which is fine. However after three weeks I thought my clothes could do for a proper cleaning. Figuring out the washing machines took a bit of noodling. It’s not often that I find myself in a laundromat, let alone one that that doesn’t have any instructions in English. Essentially there is a machine that takes coins and has a number for each machine. Clothes and laundry soap goes into washing machine, coins in another machine select the number of the washing machine and voila.

We walked all along the ocean front through town. As I mentioned the weather was about perfect 26 degrees C.

We spent the afternoon at the beach, reading and enjoying the sun.

For dinner we walked four minutes to Le Serre which was recommended in our guide book and received some good reviews on trip advisor.

I’ve got to say at this point in the trip, the french food is kicking the italian food’s butt. Granted, we only have two days under our belt (literally), but my goodness. The food so far in Villefrance has been outstanding.

I opted for the 17 menu, which consisted of a warm goat cheese salad, seafood spaghetti and a warm chocolate cake with whip cream. Deanna had spaghetti pistou which was a basil based spaghetti and for dessert chocolate mousse. Wonderful food. And the bread. Don’t get me started on the bread. Italian bread has no flavor. The bread we had last night and tonight both had great crust with a dense chewy interior. I could go on, but’ let’s leave it at that for now.