After a very tasty breakfast at the hotel, we headed out for a morning of exploring the neighboring towns via the ferry. The weather cleared up for us after a mostly rainy day yesterday. The temperature was about 25 degrees C.

Our first stop was Belagio (yes this is a real place and not just an over the top casino in Nevada :-). It’s bigger than Varenna. We did a bit of window shopping and just wandered about. A nice local mentioned a walk for us to try that wound its way through some of the back ways of the town. We wandered through a cemetery and enjoyed a few nice views of the area.

We hopped on another Ferry to Menaggio and wandered around town. Not much to see or do there so after about an hour we headed back to Varenna and Gelato. Mmmm Gelato. I can see us eating a lot of Gelato on this trip. Very tasty and with the weather being quite warm and humid it hit the spot.

We headed back to the hotel for a little siesta. Only getting a couple of hours of sleep last night didn’t help the motivation today even though it was very beautiful. After a nap we headed out for a couple of hours to visit the Castello Di Vezio, the local castle here in Varenna. It has a long history possibly dating back to Roman times and was used in a number of capacities including a World War I defense position to keep the German army at bay. It’s surrounded by a variety of trees including an olive grove and lots of other fruit trees. The vistas of the surrounding areas were spectacular.

We headed back into town and had a light dinner at an outdoor cafe. Deanna had a smoked salmon pannini and I had spaghetti bolegnese. Again, it was fine nothing to write home about :-)I’m sure we’ll have lots of great meals in the coming weeks so I’m not too concerned. The winner today was Gelato hands down.

We’re heading out for our first leg of the bus tour tomorrow. A stop in Veronna on route to the Dolomite mountains.

Caio from Verenna. A very nice town. Somewhere I would come back to in the future for sure.