Today was a relatively lazy day. We decided last night that we’re going to rent a car and drive to Reims tomorrow instead of taking the train. This is for two reasons. The first is that the earliest we can get into Reims is 7:45 pm which includes a trip to Dijon first and then a 3+ hour trip on the train. The second reason is that we’ve done all we wanted to do here in Beaune and would rather explore a few towns along the way and doing that by train isn’t feasible.

The first stop today was to the rental car agency to get a car arranged for tomorrow. We’re getting one with a GPS this time so that should reduce the navigation stress somewhat.

The second stop was to the train station to get a refund on the train trip we’re not needing any more. We first tried to get a refund from the automated ticket machine but that option wasn’t available. I waited in line for an agent and tried to explain what I wanted to do. She misunderstood me and actually printed the tickets for the trip. When I was able to explain that I wanted to cancel the trip, she informed me that she couldn’t and I would have to contact the agency that I booked the tickets through. The tickets are refundable so it shouldn’t be an issue but as of tonight, my query with hasn’t been returned. Regardless, we’ll drive up to Reims tomorrow and enjoy the trip I’m sure.

After leaving the train station, we wandered around the ramparts of the town of Beaune for a bit. It’s still very cool to be in a place with so much history, it’s probably something I will never tire of.

We stopped into the Notre Dame Basilica at Beaune which as Deanna observed, not nearly as impressive as some of the other churches we’ve seen. I guess we’re getting “churched-out” 😉

We then stopped into the Museum of Wine just down the street from the church. It was a small but interesting museum that covers the history of wine making in general and wine making the the region in particular. There were lots of old farm implements related to the process of making wine, an interesting display on barrel making, lots of glassware as well as the historical importance of wine to the local economy.

Dinner tonight was a low key affair. I had a steak hach which turns out is just a hamburger patty without a bun. Denna had a pizza.

We’ve enjoyed our time here but we’re also ready to move on.